Monday, 16 June, 2008

Porting In Progress

We have made our second check in to the Zope-checkins. At present there are two failures and one error. We are now trying to fix these. After this we will move on to the RPython implementation. The details of second check in are published in the Zope-porting blog.



Wednesday, 11 June, 2008

Zope Porting Blog

Our GSOC work is going on and we have started a new blog, to keep track of our progress.



Tuesday, 3 June, 2008


I'm extremely happy, proud, a little shy, don't know what all feelings I have now. I got my dream bike ROYAL ENFIELD THUNDERBIRD and I can't believe being a part of the ROYAL ENFIELD community. It's my all time dream to ride her more than to own, but now...I have one.

Thunderbird is a big bike moreover it's a matured bike, it's seating comfort is inexpressible. It's driven by a 350cc Bullet engine, with maximum power of 18bhp and a maximum speed of 110kmph. It has got a CV carburetor. And there is a set of cool alloy wheels which makes my bike more comely. A set of nickel plated meters adds to her beauty. And over all, the charming, roaring, sexy sound of BULLET, love that. It offers a milige of 40-42kmpl for long run and 35kmpl in ordinary use.

My first long trip in Thunderbird is to my home town, Thodupuzha, 110km away from Trichur. It was an amazing experience to ride a 350cc engine through the national highway 47, taking a speed of 60-70kmph. I felt her power while overtaking buses and big trucks. And it was so comfortable.

I made a call home and told my mum that I'll be coming the next day by evening;), and they all were surprised to see me, with that big bike, at that evening, full wet in rain. It was raining when I reached Perumbavoor, but I didn't stop just because I love rain and riding in rain.

The very next day I went to my friends to introduce them my 'girl friend'. They suggested some modifications but I love her own beauty without any makeups.[Pinne oru cheriya potto matto avam..;)] Anyway me and my brother are planning many more long trips in my new BULLET.

To explore new lands, to meet new people and to ride her... Discover colours you have never seen before. Make friends in distant lands, get used to people staring at you at traffic lights, a whole new lifestyle. A unique motorcycling experience...Hope to make many trips of joy, from our college. Let us goooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!