Wednesday, 16 January, 2008


Ratan Tata announced about the project to launch a people's car, a car with an affordable price for the common people, a decade ago and it was launched on January 2008 in Delhi Auto Expo, with an interesting price 1 lakh(2500$).

In ou
r country it's very common to see scooter families, Dad in the driver seat,Mum holding a child sitting in the back seat,another child in between them and one in front of Dad, going through the " best roads " in our country(in rainy season too). TATA NANO is dedicated to all such families. The engineers at TATA motors, by their determination and dedication gave birth to the cute looking NANO.

It's beautiful aerodynamic design and good finish distinguishes it from MARUTI SUZUKI's "people's car" MARUTI 800. Though our little beauty has comparatively less engine power than 800, it has got many other advantages.

TATA NANO------------MARUTI 800

Engine 623 cc ----------------796 cc

Power 33 ps ------------------ 37 ps

Mileage 20 km/l---------------18km/l

Spacing more -----------------comparatively less

Design best-------------------- good

Finish best ---------------------bad

Overall styling best ----------not stylish

Price 1 lakh*--------------------1.87 lakh*

So before deciding to buy a MARUTI 800, test drive the TATA NANO. More technical description is given below:-

With a length of 3.1 meters, width of 1.5 meters and height of 1.6 meters and with adequate ground clearance, it can be effortlessly driven in busy roads and cities.

The car is powered by an all, 624cc fuel injected petrol engine in the rear of the car. The car produces 33 bhp and this could give it similar performance to the heavier but more powerful MARUTI 800 that makes 37 bhp. The engine is mated to a four speed manual transmission and Tata are in the process of developing a CVT automatic transmission.

TATA offers a price of 1lakh(ex showroom) for it's magic wand NANO, though the on road price may be 1.25 lakhs or more.

Not only families but also the dashing teens and youths may also try this four wheeler instead of buying a 200cc or above bikes.

The features can be summed up as follows:-

. All sheet-metal body, strong passenger compartment

. intrusion-resistant doors

. seat belts

. strong seats and anchorages

. tailgate glass bonded to the body

. tubeless tyres

. lower pollution level than two-wheelers being manufactured in India

. rear-wheel drive

. all-aluminium, two-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 PS, multi point fuel injection petrol engine

. performance controlled by a specially designed electronic engine management system

. length: 3.1 meters

. width: 1.5 meters

. height: 1.6 meters

. 4 seats

. 4 doors



Monday, 14 January, 2008


Setting off for the journey
My maternal home is in the 'Kashmir of the south' - the mystic, exotic land of Munnar. It was one of my dreams to go on a trip to Munnar on my bike. Fortunately I got such an opportunity during the Onam vacations. Me, with my sweet brother, passionate of biking, started off to Munnar, early in the morning.

My home is at
Thodupuzha, a beautiful village-town of Idukki district. Munnar is approximately 120 km away from there.

After filling the fuel, we started from
Thodupuzha. The odometer-needle strictly adhering to 50- 60km/h. We had a pit stop at Oonnukal ,where from the scenic beauty starts ,to check the air pressure. Then onwards I maintained a speed of 40-50 km/h so as to enjoy the nature's magic. The speed was even more reduced as we entered the forest. Took many halts in the forest.
Our journey through the thick, dark green forest-
Neryamangalam, was really thrilling. Small streams by the side of the road can be seen through out the forest. Each drop of cold water put on our face gave us great refreshment. We could clearly understand the sharp climatic change as we entered the high range,especially through the forest.

Deviating into a narrow ,muddy road from the main track lead us to a cute stream ,a place amazingly blessed with natural beauty.The road, at one time, used to be splendid river, but now devoid of its richness.
Big stones ,sharp curves, and potholes all made me feel my bike better. It felt like riding a 'horse'. We stayed there for an hour or so and had our food which Mom had packed. On the way, me and my bro stopped at Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls- the places gifted lavishly with fantabulous scenic beauty. By evening we reached Mom's house at Rajakkadu, a remote village near Munnar. My Grandmother scolded me for taking off on such an 'risky journey'. Not only me but my parents as well got scoldings from my sweet old GM.

Rajakkadu is a place which I like the most because I love "natural beauties" of villages. Me and Brintow spent a day there playing and exploring the village with my cousin. Very next day we started from there to Munnar, early in the morning. I was emotional seeing my GM's sad face(as we were leaving). But as we reached Munnar, nature wiped off my tears with her magical hand.

Each and every spot was crowded with foreigners and other tourists. We searched for a lonely place, and so directly went to the
Anayirangal dam that isn't built using cement, not even a single molecule of cement!! It is 30km away from Munnar town. The two of us spent 2-3 hours sharing our ideas and thoughts and talked a lot about our future life, sharing our ambitions and i just thought about the beautiful feeling- 'LOVE', may be my brother too. Our mind was clear and our thoughts were fresh.

The last half an hour was spent on
advices! I gave advices to my brother as if I were a mature person!!.

We started back to
Munnar through the "Gap road". It was nerve-chilling cold there. We were shivering. At a beautiful spot in the gap road we halted. Then mist came down and we touched the clouds, and it was an amazing experience!! We bought roasted cashew nuts and made a call home. They were happy hearing that we were enjoying the trip.

After lunch we bid farewell to
Munnar. Our journey back home was disturbed by rain as well as an hour halt in the midst of the forest due to an accident.

The two of us reached home by twilight. Gave Mom and Dad
home-made chocolates and cashew nuts which we bought from Munnar.

That night, we narrated the wonderful trip to our parents. Me and my brother couldn't sleep, unable to contain our excitement, so just laid down dreaming about the next trip...
Final word:

MUNNAR IS SIMPLY SUPERB AND MY BIKE, THE BEST. I got a mileage of 65km/l throughout the journey. Its OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE made me feel proud for choosing such an amazing machine- DISCOVER 125- the best in it's segment. THANKS TO BAJAJ MOTORS FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL 'DISCOVERy'.



Friday, 11 January, 2008

UC college welcomes a Legend

Richard M Stallman,the founder of free software movement,hacker,philosopher and software developer. He started GNU project to make a UNIX like operating system. He was at UC college to deliver a speech on
FREE SOFTWARE IN ETHICS AND PRACTICE. Ten of us got the rarest of the rarest chance to listen to his speech and to talk with him. The plan was made in an hour and we took off. Though we missed fifteen minutes of the talk, the rest two and a half hours talk raised all of us to a better level.
The information about his arrival was given by Pramode sir. It was really an amazing speech. He deliberately talked about the draw backs of proprietary softwares and more about the advantages of free software. He pointed out the usage of LINUX by we people and told us to use GNU/LINUX because, the idea and the first layout was proposed by them and Linus came to the field years after that.(I felt like a little bit of ego probs) He too mentioned the wrong usage as open source for free software.
He fired Microsoft Corporation for its copyright against piracy. He said that helping your neighbor or friend by just giving him a copy of a software which you've in your hand cannot be named as piracy-a word used for robbery in the deep sea. I too felt it's not fare to give the name of pirate for just copying a software. The speech helped me to understand more about the philosophy of free software(I think).
He beautifully placed bits of humor through out his speech. In the midst of his speech he dressed like a priest just wearing a gown and a hat and imitated like a god. "I'm saint Ignusious, the proposer of Emacs, i bless your computer".Though it was funny, that made us think...I felt like a mono act.

I was surprised to hear that such a world famous personality has no personal belongings including his laptop!. He was so simple in dressing. He just had a plastic bag and cover with him for such a long journey!
After his speech we got a chance to go near him and talk to him. We invited him to our college, but he politely refused and offered us a video conferencing with pleasure. He gave Devidas his visiting card!! I were as if in a dream, a world famous man is sitting in front of us!!
We reached back here at seven in the evening. Myself and Devidas went to meet Pramode sir, to thank him and we were eagerly waiting to tell him about our experience. Sir too was happy and we 'd a discussion for half an hour. And I swear I wont miss any opportunities like this.
your's Bristow

Thursday, 10 January, 2008

Returns to the world wide web

It has been a long time since i entered a blog post. Now i got connected to the world wide web through asianet broadband. I'd to face some difficulties with the installation of the modem since there's no LAN(Local Area Network) card in my system. Though I managed to get a LAN card I still had to face some difficulties with the installation of LAN card driver for I'm using GNU/LINUX operating system. Let me tell you about the installation procedure, just for the sake of information. Choose a bus master PCI expansion slot, just unscrew and remove the dummy slot cover. Align and insert the adapter in to the slot,make sure the adapter fits securely and the connection is good.Connect the adapter to the network using UTP cable. The installation of hardware is finished , now about the software. For windows os the driver cd will be automatically loaded. Amazingly no special driver's needed for GNU/LINUX.
TIPs:- try the commands ifconfig,dhclient, ifup,ifdown.
Thanking Pramode Sir and Mobin chettan.
your's bristow.